For the last few months I have been a busy bee sketching up new designs and bringing them to life. Anyone who’s job relies on creativity will be the first to tell you that the creativity doesn’t always freely flow and sometimes, when you really really need to feel inspired, you just don’t . A couple of weeks ago I hit this wall.

I was frustrated! And in a bid to force my brain into creative thinking I trawled Pinterest for hours and hours desperately looking for something…anything…to inspire a new design. Nothing.

Then last week I went to Inskin Beauty to have my eyebrows waxed (bear with me) and Ellie, my beautician had the most beautiful lilac, blush sparkly nails. I instantly had a light bulb moment! And I instantly knew that I needed to create this design that had just popped into my head. Excitedly I rushed home to get my ideas down on paper and within 3 days it was brought to life.

If you’re struggling to feel inspired and you’re feeling frustrated the best thing to do is to walk away and take a break. As cliché as it sounds, inspiration really can come from anywhere at anytime. Let it come to you because when it does, something truly beautiful happens.

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